What is an Integrated Shield Plan?

An Integrated Shield Plan (ISP), is a hospitalisation and surgical insurance policy that is integrated with MediShield Life to provide for additional coverage, up to Private Hospitals, depending on your plan type.

Only Singapore Citizens (SC), Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) and Foreigners with Valid Pass can purchase the Integrated Shield Plan from the approved insurance companies. Currently, there are 7 insurance companies providing this coverage. They are namely, AIA, Great Eastern, HSBC Life, Income, Prudential, Raffles and Singlife.

Each of us can only own 1 integrated shield policy. Should you already have one and signed up for another, the existing one will be cancelled when the new policy takes effect.

Unlike most other policies, Integrated Shield Plan is subjected to changes in benefits. Premiums are also adjusted based on overall claims experience and age. We do not recommend switching this as every new application is subjected to new medical underwriting. Moreover, due to the nature of the policy where benefits and premiums may be adjusted, one that is better now may not be better in the future. What’s important is to keep yourself updated to the changes so you know what you are entitled to, and is able to make an informed decision when the need arise.