What To Do In The Event Of An Accident

When an injury caused by an accident happens:

  1. Visit a medical practitioner
    • A&E, GP or TCM (check if your plan covers for TCM and/or Chiropractor)
  2. Further tests / Treatment
    • You may be required to do tests like X-rays, MRI or other scans, or referred to Specialists or Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy will require a referral letter before the first session. Back-tracking on getting a referral letter after the first session is not accepted, and the entire physiotherapy process will not be claimable if no prior referral letter is obtained.
  3. Follow-Up and Reviews
    • Up to the specified no. of days your policy covers for. Usually 365 days, but do confirm it with us first
  4. Medical Leave
    • If you are unable to work due to the injury, a doctor’s statement with MC/HL may be required to claim for Weekly Temporary Disablement Benefit (if any).
  5. Accidental Death/Permanent Disablement
    • In the unfortunate event of death or permanent disablement due to an accident, medical reports, doctor’s statement and death cert (if any) are some of the required documents for the claim.

To make the claim, please keep all receipts and lab test results, medical reports, discharge summary, etc. A claimant and/or doctor’s statement will be required as well.