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Want the Best Insurance Terms Even if You Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

I help people with pre-existing medical conditions, plan and search for the best insurance terms.

Frustrated about not having the best insurance terms?

Does this feel familiar?

If so…

You are not alone. 

You deserve to have the best insurance coverage available to you, so you don’t have to worry about placing financial burden on your loved ones.

I’m Adrian, an Independent Financial Planner in Singapore, and I can help you plan and search for the best insurance terms.

I remember that disappointment when my wife’s insurance application is declined due to a pre-existing medical condition. I’ve lived it firsthand, so I know how that felt like.

Today – My team and I have a high success rate of helping people with pre-existing conditions get the widest coverage on their insurance policies.

And not only have I done it for my wife and countless others… I can do the same for you too.

Adrian chen - Financial Planner in Singapore that specialises in pre-existing medical conditions

What my clients can expect from me.

Increase your chances by at least 10X!

Through our partnership with about 50 insurance companies, you’ll have a higher chance of getting better insurance terms that work in your favour.

Avoid “Inexperienced Syndrome”

By having a dedicated experienced advisor working for you, you can enjoy a hands-off experience of increasing your chances of getting better insurance terms.

0% hard-selling, 100% consultative

You will be in the good hands of an Advisor trusted by hundreds of clients to improve their insurance portfolio, so you can relax and wait for the work to be done, rather than dealing with pressurised selling.

Leave the heavy lifting to me…

The Turnaround Method:

Step 1: Schedule

We will speak over the phone so I can assess your challenges and make suggestions, and you can decide if we are a good fit.

Step 2: Plan of Turnaround

I will make a customised plan on how we are going to approach this. I will work out the best way to improve your situation.

Step 3: Enjoy the Emotional Freedom

You will finally be able to have a peace of mind with one less worry, knowing that your finances are protected.

Don’t take my word for it — hear directly from some of my recent clients.​



Adrian's one of the most patient and trustworthy advisors I’ve met so far. With his vast experience and exposure, I’m sure he’ll be able to help many others. He always tries his best to help, and his professionalism is there for all to see.
Chantal Khoo


Adrian is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with different policy types and plans and was able to explain clearly and respond to my queries well. Most importantly, he demonstrated sincerity and care for his client that I know it's in my best interest.
Shirley Sim

"Not Pushy"

Good product comparison and articulates his points well. Even my mum, who is a layman, trusts him with his recommendations. His warmth and helpful character are the reason that I entrust my family’s financial planning to him.
Janice Ang

What's included?

Dedicated Experienced Advisor

You can avoid endless back-and-forth with no resolutions, which means you can enjoy a hands-off experience of getting better insurance terms.

Represent Multiple Insurance Companies in Singapore

Increase your probability of getting better insurance terms that work in your favour as we work with about 50 insurance companies.

Budget Planning

Find out about the comfortable budget that fits you so you can enjoy being in a position where your finances are not too stretched, while not compromising on your insurance coverage.

Comparison of Solutions

Choose the best plan option for yourself which will greatly reduce chances of you sticking to a plan that does not necessarily provide you with the best benefits.

Negotiate for Better Insurance Term

You’ll be able to increase your chances of minimising your exposure to potential huge medical bills so you can safeguard your finances.

Customised Risk Management Plan​

Work out the best coverage for you, to provide you with a peace of mind – without wasting your resources by over-insuring, or getting policies that aren’t of your priority right now.

To get all this and more…

Will this work for me?

Our high success rate increases your chances of improving your current insurance terms. This is why our first consultation is very important for us to have a better understanding of your current condition, and to see how I can help. If it happens that I could not help at this point of time, I will set up a timeline to revisit your condition again as in some cases, time can sometimes increase your chances of getting better coverage.

Ready to Get Started?

Adrian Chen

Financial Consultant in Singapore

I help people with pre-existing medical conditions find suitable insurance policies that give them the widest coverage.


150 Beach Rd, #12-01/08 Gateway West, Singapore 189720


8048 8234