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How a Mother Managed to Get Her Son Covered — Even if He Has a Pre-existing Medical Condition.

Liana was introduced to me by her sister, who is my client, as she could not sign her beloved son up for any insurance policy. The main reason for this is that he was born with a congenital illness. Through the constant rejection, they almost gave up trying to sign him up for insurance coverage. 

When we had our first discussion, she was not sure if I could even help her out. Here’s what we did:

  • We consolidated all scan results and blood tests. I analysed which angle we could go for, that could increase their probability.
  • Suggested for the doctor to write a memo detailing her son’s current condition, since the surgery was done a few years ago and that his condition is stable now.
  • Submit the application to multiple companies for pre-assessment and test their response.

In the end, we managed to get a
hospitalisation plan with an exclusion to the affected organ, and a critical illness plan with full coverage for her son. With this, it forever changed their way of making financial decisions as we have just instantly created an emergency backup fund for her son.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Adrian’s one of the most patient and trustworthy advisors I’ve met so far. With his vast experience and exposure, I’m sure he’ll be able to help many others. He always tries his best to help, and his professionalism is there for all to see.

Chantal Khoo


Adrian is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with different policy types and plans and was able to explain clearly and respond to my queries well. Most importantly, he demonstrated sincerity and care for his client that I know it’s in my best interest.

Shirley Sim


Good product comparison and articulates his points well. Even my mum, who is a layman, trusts him with his recommendations. His warmth and helpful character are the reason that I entrust my family’s financial planning to him.

Janice Ang