Want to distribute your assets to your children appropriately?

I help parents plan their asset distribution so they do not leave behind burden or create conflicts for their loved ones.

Worried about not distributing your assets properly?

Does this feel familiar?

If so…

You are not alone. 

You deserve to have a proper asset distribution plan, so you don’t have to worry about creating confusion & conflicts for your loved ones.

Leave the heavy lifting to me…

The 3-Step Framework:

Step 1: Discuss

We will discuss your current situation and identify potential problems that are unique to your situation.

Step 2: Analyse

We will prioritise the important points and I will create a customized plan on how to tackle the various issues.

Step 3: Implement

I will guide and handhold you through the end-to-end process of creating a Will, nomination, LPA, so that you achieve your goal.

We get these questions a lot. Here are our best answers...

Where are you from?

I’m a MAS-licensed financial advisory representative from Financial Alliance Pte Ltd, the largest independent financial advisory firm in Singapore.

What are your charges?

There is no charge for the entire planning process, and the guidance to do your nomination and LPA. A typical Will costs $300, and if husband and wife do a "mirror Will", it's $500 for both persons.

How can we start?

I'll guide you through the entire planning process, and to work on certain priorities to get started. All you need to do is to click on Book Your Free Consultation and we'll arrange a time for discussion. I have no preference for meeting online or physically. My only request is that for online video meeting, we turn on our cameras, so that we know there's a real person on the other side.

How are you different from lawyers?

In fact, we're very different! I actually work with our in-house lawyers to draft your Will. Going straight to the lawyers would typically be the last step, after you have planned out your Will - mainly for the lawyers to draft your Will. Optionally, you can probably discuss with a lawyer directly, but they may not be the best person to guide you on financial know-how, and they charge by per-hour.

How are you different from free Will generators?

While free Will generators are templated, your wealth distribution shouldn't be! They usually have restrictions, and only provide a simple ratio-based distribution - which in most scenarios, it's not ideal. They don't provide advisory services too, and even if they do, they charge a fee, and you're likely to incur additional fees to customise their free Will. Whereas a Will planning session with me is at no cost. In certain instances, there isn't a need to create a Will, and I'm cool with it.

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